Try Not To Cry After Listening To These Heartbreak Songs


Not to add to your tears but…heartbreak is experienced better when music is involved.

Remember when the person who said they will be yours forever suddently told you “it’s not you, it’s me?”

“I can’t do this anymore?”

Don’t worry, if you don’t remember (liar) these songs will trigger you the memories.

Westlife – My Love

The second you hear: An empty street… an empty house…then the tears start to follow. Chances are you cried to this song after you lost your first love or crush.

Adele – Someone Like You

The fact that this song was based on Adele’s heartbreak story makes it even hit harder. You’d be belting out the lyrics like you are confident you’d find someone else but…you know you are hurting. That’s why you are singing about finding “someone like you” and not “better than you”

Beyonce – Irreplaceable

This is for the ladies. Especially the ones who got cheated on. You sing this song with so much confidence but lmaoooo how’s your heart doing dear?

Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart

If you don’t know this song word for word, you haven’t experienced heartbreak before and…you are LUCKY!

Passenger – Let Her Go

If you don’t know this song, it’s time to update your heartbreak playlist and plan a crying session. This song helps you do that thing where you flashback on all the good times you had and make your heart hurt.

The Weeknd – Call Out My Name

The Weeknd is one of the royals of sad music that will bring back memories of pain and heartache. This song is perfect…if you like to cry. If your heartbreak is the kind where you did some begging, this will fit your mood to the T!

Drake – Marvins Room

You know how it feels when you can’t get over that one particular person??? Yes! That period where you are angry and hurt and emo and blowing snot through your nose because you can’t see through your tears…it’s in this song. That drunk dialling moment…you’d relate.


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