The Top 6 Songs On Wizkid’s Made In Lagos Album

Made In Lagos album by Wizkid
Wizkid Made In Lagos album cover

Wizkid’s Made In Lagos album has been out for weeks now and the reviews I have been seeing seem to think he dropped a work of art. Not to be a hater but it will take time for the whole album experience to grow on me.

I like to call this album Wizkid’s “retirement album” only because the laidback theme running through the whole album sounds like a message: “I have given y’all back to back bangers for over a decade so now, I want to rest and give you songs at my own pace.”

Made In Lagos is the type of song you sit back and take time to listen. If you are like me, you’d fall asleep a few times but…after a few more listens, I promise there are some fire songs on there.

These are the ones that I will always pull out of the album to listen to no matter what.


The impressive thing about this song for me is, Burna Boy.

I enjoyed what sounded like a soft battle on the song. The way the two sang the chorus…with each artiste singing the same thing and sort of throwing it back for the other to sing was so cool for me but the juice? The thick delicious juice comes in when Burna Boy sings a verse at the end of the song.

I did not like the way that part came in because it sounded like an afterthought but after a few listens, I appreciate the fact that it sounded like Burna Boy snuck in after the recording just to bejewel the song some more.


Took me awhile to notice what is actually the intro on this song (I know I have kicked myself a few times since then.) Someone actually had to mention it for me to properly pay attention and… great song! The production is amazing and it’s got that extra punch that should have woken me up. The song is a vibe, Wizkid’s delivery is flawless!


I’ve loved SMILE from the moment he dropped it as a single. The reggae feel to the whole song is just reflective of how simple and sweet love can be. The fact that he featured his kids in the video just makes the song feel even purer because then you know he’s not only singing about amorous love but in all forms (at least in the chorus).

No Stress

This is one of the songs closest to a jam on the album. I love everything about this song including the fact that I immediately noticed the sampling of Amerie’s 1 Thing

Blessed ft Damian Marley

It’s the way this song starts that makes me want to squeal in excitement…the production is as minimal as the others but once the beat drops with drums and the trumpet and goes on for awhile before the vocals come in got my attention the first time i heard the song.

Piece Of Me ft Ella Mai

The first time I listened to the album, this was the only song i could still remember. It was that good to have lingered on. Ella Mai’s voice was just exceptional for me and the way it harmonizes sometimes with what i think may be Wizkid’s voice just makes me warm inside.

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