Ten Of The Biggest Private Jets In The World

3.Sultan of Brunei: Boeing 747-430

Brunei Sultan's Flight | Boeing 747-430 [V8-ALI] | Takeoff and Landing @  Hamburg Airport - YouTube

Brunei is one of the few absolute monarchies left, with its Sultan owner of one of the biggest luxury jets on the planet. It’s also one of the priciest, running $100 million before customization and now worth $100 million and is now said to be worth $220 million afterwards. Just what upgrades were installed to make it worth that much? Try 24-carat gold finishing and a sink featuring a solid-gold bathroom, luxurious seats, and an interior that’s as spacious as it is stunning. Of course, it’s easy to make a private plane spacious when, like the Sultan’s 747, it’s a customized and converted form of a commercial jetliner that can normally seat 345 passengers.

4.Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal: 747-400

Real or Fantasy'? Prince Al Waleed bin Talal's Luxury Boeing 747 | Al Bawaba

Now we move from one Middle Eastern Royal Family to another. This modified Boeing 747 was purchased by the Prince in 2003 and customized to the tune of a cool $200 million. Some of those customizations are truly a thing of royalty, such as an onboard throne for the Prince as well as a lavish dining room. If royal duties become too much, you can take a nap in one of two luxury bedrooms. A plane this size requires a sizable staff, and this one’s no exception. Even if it’s just the prince and a small entourage, the Prince’s plane has a staff of at least 11 flight attendants on hand at all times.


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