Quiz: What Type Of Person Are You After A Heartbreak?


Have you broken anyone's heart before?

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How old were you when you had your first crush?

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Have you ever gone back to an ex?

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Which app do you like to stalk your exes on?

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Would you give love a chance again?

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How many heartbreaks have you experienced?


Who makes the best heartbreak songs?

The Dramatic Switch Up-ers

You probably did something drastic after your heartbreak. Piercings, dyed hair, haircuts, getting dreadlocks, gyming...anything extreme that makes you think your ex will see you and say "herhhh!!!" They never notice boo...move on.
A weepy mess

You cried with snot coming out of your nose and put on a playlist and wept your heart out. You probably also begged to be taken back and swore you'd never survive but...well, look at you now.
The fvckboy/girl

You swore you'd never love again because love is trash. You really tee free, didn't you?? Right now you are definitely an "It will end in tears" ambassador


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