Helena Owusua: The First Woman Driver For The Ghana Armed Forces Who Fought In WWII

Helena Owusua

War is said by those who live through it as being a horrible affair.

The war accounts of Madam Helena Owusua also speaks to the horrid nature that is the business of war.

Helena is a glass ceiling breaker in her own right.

In her prime, she made history as the first woman to have served in the Ghana Armed Forces as a driver.

However, just like most soldiers her age, she started her career when the entire world was fighting a war in Europe which is now called the second world war.

In an interview with the British High Commission in Ghana, Helena recounts her time on the battle field.

“I was driving on dead bodies, because if you stop they will fire you,” she said.

This puts her post station right on the battle field driving troops while taking fire from the enemy.

Helena is exceptionally proud of her military career because she has never had a driving accident.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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