5 Telltale Signs That A Guy Is Friendzoning You

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We are always hearing guys complain about how ladies have locked them in the friend zone and how they’ve struggled numerous times to get out of there but it has proved futile but they forget that they do same to the ladies.

Especially after sex, guys tend to friend zone ladies and put them in the “let’s be just friends category” and the “we’re just friends with benefits” category. If you aren’t sure if you’re being friend zoned by the guy you like, check out these signs.

1. He asks for advice on other girls

This goes 2 ways. Some guys will ask because they want you to think they have other options and hope that they asking for the advice will make you jealous. Other guys too just ask because they only see you as a friend, one of the ‘bros’. You’re probably going to be their wingman as they go out in search for ladies.

2. He only flirts when he’s horny

This is a big sign that he sees you as a friend with benefits type of person. In your mind, you think you’re going slow because you’ve gone on some one or 2 dates and you’ve had sex a few times but when you really think about it, it was always when he was horny that resulted in you going on the dates, which subsequently ended up with you having sex. He always remembers you exist every 2 weeks or so and every time he texts, it leads to him asking when you can come over or when he can come over to have sex.

3. He’s not even a little curious

He doesn’t ask questions about you or your life. He doesn’t care about your personal life. He isn’t interested in you as a person. The conversation is always light. He asks about you because he’s being polite and not because he actually cares. He isn’t interested in you.

4. There’s no attempt at physical contact

While some guys just want you to be friends with benefits, others will just not make any move at you. Its a purely platonic relationship. If you try to make it physical, they actually get offended about it.

5. They always try to set you up with people

You’ve been friends for long and you’re hoping that it can become more but they keep suggesting that you and some other people would really hit it off. They keep encouraging you to make a move at some other person. If this is your situation, there’s a good chance that don’t want a relationship with you.

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