The 2020 Glitz Africa Fashion Week Did Not Disappoint, But It Was Not Memorable

I honestly don’t think the 2020 Glitz Africa Fashion Week was a memorable one. The organizers have done better in the previous years. I think the public wasn’t excited enough (maybe because of COVID?) but I wouldn’t say I was disappointed.

What stood out for me this year was the different locations for the different shows. Day 1 was at Untamed Empire, Day 2 was at the Accra International Conference Center and Day 3 was at the Octagon. They really had us running around Accra. As someone who likes taking pictures, what I liked about having the show at different locations was the varied backgrounds for all the pictures but then again, not all the places were lighted properly so it would affect the quality of the pictures too.

This year the shows were quite fast and straight to the point. No dilly dallying. Once it started, 3 designers or more showcased their work back to back and then we go on a short break. This made the show end on time even though it never started on time. In fact, they were always 2-3 hours late.

There weren’t a lot of designers as well as compared to the previous years. Day 1 had just 6 designers and 1 was even a virtual presentation. Day 2 had 12 designers and Day 3 had 6 designers. Apart from Day 2, the other days left us wanting more. The designers were too few and we were just left wondering if that was all, especially for Day 1.

I think the models selected were great! They were professionals and knew how to “werk it” but on Day 3, I think there was some kind of miscommunication. The runway was so long and the photographers were at one end of it. Usually, the models are supposed to come pose at the end for pictures to be taken but most of the ladies ended up far from the photographers making it more difficult to get videos and shots of them. Some of the audience may have loved the fact that they got to see the models do their thing but most of the photographers were pissed. It made their jobs harder.

All in all I think this was a good one. A solid 6.5 out of 10 for me. Hopefully next year’s edition would be better.


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Image via @prempixel_ on Instagram


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