Take This Quiz And We’d Predict Your Life In 5 Years

Do you sleep with the lights on or off?

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How do you eat your waakye?

waakye photo via kuulpeeps.com kuulpeeps.com

What do you do with the bread botos? (the end slice of the bread)

Do you pee in the shower?


How do you "tear" your fufu when eating?

Do you dip your bread in your tea?


How do you squeeze your toothpaste out?

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What did you think?

That we are prophets or magicians or something??? Abeggg we don't know what you'd be doing in 5 years wai
You're probably going to jail

If your choices led you to this point, let's face it... you are a psycho who'd get arrested for killing someone soon. Hope you like prison food


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