5 Fascinating Facts About Butterflies

All around the world, one of the most adored insects is the butterfly. Most people love to be associated with them and even some spend a big part of their life just for the love they have for butterflies. These 5 facts about this beautiful insect are very interesting and worth checking out.

Butterfly Wings Are Transparent

Tasty butterflies turn sour without toxic wingmen | Science | AAAS

How can that be? We know butterflies as perhaps the most colourful, vibrant insects around! Well, a butterfly’s wings are covered by thousands of tiny scales, and these scales reflect light in different colours. But underneath all of those scales, a butterfly wing is actually formed by layers of chitin—the same protein that makes up an insect’s exoskeleton. These layers are so thin you can see right through them. As a butterfly age, scales fall off the wings, leaving spots of transparency where the chitin layer is exposed.

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