Prof Naana Opoku-Agyemang’s Daughter Makes A Superwoman Case For Her Mother

As the first woman to be nominated as a vice-presidential candidate by a major political party in Ghana, Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang is the first woman to have a real shot of becoming a Vice President in Ghana.

She comes to the ticket with a record of having a steady hand in running a key ministry and one of the most populated public universities in the country.

Many has been said about her by the people who have worked with her and continue to work with her.

However, now we have a sterlar testimony about the NDC Vice Presidential candidate from someone who knows her up close.

Her daughter, Ama Opoku-Agyemang took to Facebook to basically gush about her mother and the superwoman she is.

In the post, Ama starts by focusing on her mother’s post graduate education journey.

“In the late 70s, she was a young lady who had just finished her undergraduate degree at UCC who left for Canada to pursue postgraduate studies. All she had was a heart full of hope and ambition,” Ama wrote.

According to Ama, just two days after she defended her PhD thesis the Professor delivered her third child, implying that she was heavily pregnant, while working on her PhD thesis. Each of these is a whole stressful journey on their own.

“Six weeks later with her new baby, two toddlers (and if they were anything like my boys dea ) and her PhD, she left the shores of Canada to that of Cape Coast to begin a life of public service to the country she loved beyond anything else,” Ama said.

That was the beginning of 20 years long journey that saw her become the first woman to run a public university in Ghana, later accepting a higher call of service by working as the Minister of Education in the government led by former President John Mahama.

“Hers has been a life of service to the people of this country with a dedication and commitment that is unmatched,” Ama writes about her mother.

“There are women who by their very lives tell us: it is possible to be the best we can be. That we can dream beyond the little, unknown and unrecognized places we come from… to climb up to the highest peaks and from there pull up those who come after us,” Ama said.

Now, Prof Naana Opoku-Agyemang is fighting to make history as the first woman Vice President in Ghana.

A journey worthy because of her service to Ghana and demonstration to all girls that they too can do it.


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