Marcus Rashford, The New Guardian Angel On The Block.

Marcus Rashford (image via PA)

Not often do we see active football dive deep into matters that seem more political. Footballers
take up simple charity tasks like providing relief support to places that have been hit with disasters or paying for surgeries of fans and stuff like that.

The difference with what Dr Marcus Rashford MBE is doing is, he has used his platform as an international football star to solicit funds and sponsorships from companies raising prices over 3.7 million meals per week to make sure every child in England gets a hot meal even while schools are closed during the lockdown.

He is also making moves to get the English government to pay more attention to the problem of
children not getting good food or food at all to eat every day in England.

Rashford took up this initiative from a personal point of view since he found himself in the same situation as a child.
The 22-year-old United midfielder says he grew up surviving on free meals and he couldn’t live
with the idea of all those kids going hungry during the time where school were closed.

In these past months, his efforts have been recognized across the world and have revived big
acknowledgements worldwide.

This also led to the University of Manchester awarding him with an honorary Doctorate and the Queen of England also named him as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

The impact Rashford has made in this period is astonishing and he is a real-life hero. When you
say a pray remember to pray for Marcus and the good job he is doing for our little brothers and
sisters far away in England.


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