How My Level 200 Internship Turned Into My First Job After School

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When you’re in school, you hear a lot about how important internships can be. Those things all sound like cliches and they can get annoying at a point. Why should you have to work for free?

Well, the funny thing is, all of those things that people tell you about internships are right. No, it doesn’t mean that if you intern at a company you’re automatically going to get hired at that company when you’re out of school. But…

And I’m not going to generalize, but I took an internship when I was in Level 200, and I currently work where I interned, at Kuulpeeps. Here’s how that happened.

Internship: Level 200

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When I was in the university, I had a friend who recommended me to a place she had interned at previously. That place was Kuulpeeps. And it hammers home the point that building relationships, and networking is a very important point when it comes to getting a job.

It’s not the rule, but usually, you land jobs through personal connections. That internship only lasted 3 months, but during that time I took note of how things worked and learned about the company that I was at. And then, the internship was over, and it was time to go back to school.

Unemployment: Not Fun. Definitely Would Not Recommend

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Anyway, people don’t talk about this a lot, but after your national service is a turning point in any Ghanaian’s life. You are either going to get retained, or you’re going to be let go. Either way things change in a very permanent way. If you’re retained—then congratulations and welcome to adulthood. If you’re not, then welcome to a period of Limbo where you’re an adult but also not really.

After all, in this part of the world, your job is your worth. After national service, I was unemployed for a few months, until one day I got a call from an old coworker. She worked at Kuulpeeps while I was still a intern there. Again, I cannot emphasize enough how important building professional relationships and growing your network is. She told me about an opening at Kuulpeeps and asked me to interview for the position.

During my interview, I realized that I had answers to a lot of the questions that were asked. The more I answered, the more confident I got and the more I answered. It was a very satisfying feedback loop. And that was only possible because of things that I had picked up during my internship.

An internship, trust me on this, is easier to land than a paid position. And internships allow you to learn how things work in a professional environment. They allow you to pick up things related to your desired field. Basically, they give you the answers that you want to have during an interview.

Apply for internships when you come across them. Reach out to the companies where you want to work.



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