Freelancing Has Never Been Easier: Use Kreek Africa—An Entirely African Platform

Photograph of Kreek Africa Team via The Genius Media

In a time where learning new skills has never been easier, you might be thinking about earning an additional income. And that shouldn’t have to be a difficult thing because of the platforms that exist. The freelance economy has grown thanks to online platforms that connect freelancers to people who want to hire their services. However, if you have ever tried to sign up for one of those services, you may have realized that they can be inaccessible when you’re living in Ghana.

That inaccessibility comes about as a result of the tough registration process in the case of services like Upwork. While other services require you to link a PayPal account before you can process payments. That’s why Kreek Africa’s platform (which is tailored to the African Market), is the better fit.

Creating An Account

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The Kreek Africa platform is open to all kinds of freelancers. That very long list includes content writers, software developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, voice-over artists and professionals in accounting and legal fields among others. All you need to do is to create an account and specify what type of professional you are.

There are also different tiers of accounts. You can choose a free account, or upgrade to one of the platforms paid accounts. Account perks are added for every tier up you go in account type.

Getting Clients

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After you create your account, your profile goes live on the Kreek Africa website. From there, it is possible for clients to find you when they have a job that fits your particular skill set. Alternatively, you can also look the through the jobs that clients have posted. When you find a job that you think you’re suited for, you can send a proposal to the client.

Once your proposal is selected, you can discuss rates with the person who posted a job. Money is then paid into your account on the Kreek Africa platform.

Withdrawing Cash From Your Account

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The type of account that you have on the platform determines how often you are able to withdraw money from your account. After creating a free account on the platform, the earliest withdraw option available to me was later in the week.

In order to withdraw money from your account, you can provide your bank account details for a direct deposit. Otherwise you can also put in the details for your mobile money wallet. Your payment will either be sent to the bank account that you have provided, or it will be sent into your mobile money wallet.

Click here to visit the Kreek Africa website and create your account to start earning from your skills.



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