Video: Joe Biden’s Victory Sparks Celebrations In Streets Of US Cities

Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC, on November 7, 2020. (image via CNN)

US President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump sparked celebrations in cities across the country, including many of the places that swept Biden into the White House.

From New York to Miami in the East and Denver and Austin out West, Biden supporters flooded into the streets after Biden was projected as the winner of the elections. They were honking horns, cheering, dancing and popping champagne.

Amanda Madden sprays champagne as people celebrate at Black Lives Matter Plaza after CNN called the race in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden over Pres. Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States, Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Washington. His victory came after more than three days of uncertainty as election officials sorted through a surge of mail-in votes that delayed the processing of some ballots. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

In Washington, DC, a crowd packed into the streets in front of the White House at Black Lives Matter Plaza, within seconds of the race being called. The streets nearby filled with people shouting, banging pots and pans, and singing, “Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

The celebratory crowd in the blocks around the White House created a traffic jam, with people sitting on top of cars and drivers holding their fists out the window. One person wearing an American flag as a cape walked toward Black Lives Matter Plaza with a hand-written posterboard that read, “The nightmare is over.”

People celebrate Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Philadelphia, after Democrat Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump to become 46th president of the United States. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

The packed crowd outside the White House later sung “YMCA”, the song Trump used to close out his rallies down the homestretch of the campaign.

Watch the video below:

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source: CNN

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