Quiz: Liverpool vs Manchester City In The Premier League

Liverpool vs Manchester City

What were Manchester City called when they first played Liverpool?

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Manchester City were called Ardwick when they first played Liverpool in 1893. Liverpool won the game 1-0.

Which of these European Cup-winning managers played for both Manchester City and Liverpool?

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Matt Busby played for two clubs in his career: Liverpool and Manchester City.

Which of these players did not make a direct switch from Liverpool or Man City to the other?

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Daniel Sturridge moved from Manchester City to Chelsea before joining Liverpool. The other three swapped one for the other in a direct switch.

Which Man City player made the crucial goal-line clearance in Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat at the Etihad in 2019?

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John Stones made that superb goal-line clearance.

Jurgen Klopp has beaten Pep Guardiola more in this fixture. How many games has he won?

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Klopp has won 5 of the 11 meetings and Guardiola has won 3. The other three games ended in draws.

Which of these Liverpool players have scored the most goals against Man City?

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Roberto Firmino has so far scored 5 goals against Man City, while Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane have so far scored 4 and 3 goals respectively.

Quiz: Liverpool vs Manchester City
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