Here’s Everything You Missed Out On At The 2020 Glitz Africa Fashion Week Day 1

Models at the 2020 Glitz Africa Fashion Week (Picture by

Glitz Africa Fashion Week is the one fashion week in Ghana that a majority of fashionistas look forward to. It’s one of Ghana’s biggest annual fashion events and the 2020 edition started yesterday, the 6th of November and it will end on Sunday, the 8th of November.

This year’s edition is in partnership with Ghana Tourism Authority and has been endorsed as a Beyond the Return event.

The first event was a streetwear edition which pulled a lot of attention from streetwear fashion influencers, so all your favourites were there.

On the schedule, there were only 6 designers showcasing their clothes with a time of 15 minutes allocated to each designer so the show was going to be a short one.

The event was supposed to start at 3:30 pm but it eventually started around 5 pm with a performance by Dancegodlloyd. He performed his single, Sika with 2 of his dancers from the DWP Academy. Watch a snippet of his performance here:

First we saw clothes by Subwae Studios

Followed by a virtual presentation by Fearnoman Clothing

I absolutely loved the pieces from Darkor’s! They look easy to wear and very comfortable and if you like to show a little skin, it’s perfect for you.

The clothes from Afro Volf were colourful and looked very free. I loved the fabric the clothes were made of as they look very soft and easy to move in.

First of all, I love the message The Slum Studio preaches. They are all about recycling old clothes and fabrics into new ones and I can tell you firsthand that, if you saw these clothes, it wouldn’t even occur to you that they may be made from old stuff. Check them out.

The last designs by Kojo Kusii were very practical. If you love neon, hit him up!

Day 2 on Saturday, will feature a Seminar on the Business of Fashion from 10 am till 12 pm, a showcase of different pictures taken by the Samsung phone by different photographers from 3-4 pm and another fashion show starting at 5 pm.

For more information, email [email protected] and to purchase your tickets to the event, call 0501581266 or 0302798513.

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