Quiz: How Well Do You Know Abedi Ayew Pele?

Abedi Ayew Pele

How many goals did Abedi Pele score for the Black Stars?

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Abedi Pele scored 33 goals in 73 appearances for the Black Stars.

Which of these Ghanaian clubs did Abedi Pele begin his career at?

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Abedi Pelé’s career began at Real Tamale United.

Which of these French clubs did Abedi Pele first play for?

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He began his career in France at Chamois Niortais F.C.

After playing in France for close to 8 years, Abedi Pele moved to Italy. Which Italian club did he play for?

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Abedi Pele joined Torino from Lyon in 1994.

How many clubs did Abedi Pele play for during his illustrious career?

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Abedi Pele played for 12 clubs: Real Tamale United, Al Sadd, FC Zürich, Dragons l'Ouémé, Chamois Niortais, Mulhouse, Marseille, Lille, Lyon, Torino, 1860 Munich, Al Ain

In what year did Abedi Pele win the UEFA Champions League with Marseille?

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Abedi Pele won the UEFA Champions League with Marseille in 1993. Marseille beat AC Milan 1-0.

Abedi Pele provided the assist for Marseille's winning goal in the 1993 Champions League final. Who did he assist?

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Abedi Pele delivered a sublime corner kick which was headed in by Basile Boli to win the game for Marseille.

How many times did Abedi Pele win the African Footballer of the Year award?

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He has won the African Player of the Year Award three times.

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