People Share Their Experiences With Edibles And These Stories Are Relatable, Hilarious, And Scary

We all remember our first edible experience. The Time-line on Twitter got high and decided to share some of their worst experiences they’ve had with edibles.

What are edibles?

Edibles are food products that have been infused with marijuana. These products come in a variety of different forms that can include: Baked goods (brownies /cookies) Candies, Gummies, Chocolates.

Even though these stories are hilarious and most of them relatable, some of these stories are scary. Stories ranging from those who nearly went mad to those who bathed with their clothes on to those who felt they were inanimate objects, the list goes on and on.

We compiled 20 of the best and scary stories.

Take your time and enjoy!

Sources: Kuulpeeps

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