GHUD Music To Include Monitoring Of Songs Of Other African Artistes Beside Ghanaians

Ghud Music

Considering the surge in consumption of African Music in Ghana and globally, Ghud Music will go beyond monitoring music of Ghanaian origin to monitoring music of African origin.

This update starts in the first week of October 2020.  There would be additional Top 10 charts.

Using data from Geopoll and NCA, Ghud Music currently monitors radio stations which represent 89.47% of Radio audience reach in all regions across Ghana.


-The tracking week runs from Friday through to Thursday, a schedule that began 05 January 2018, with the adoption of Global Release Day.

-Ghud Music considers a radio feature performance of a popular song to be one that lasts 40 seconds or more and it is the sole sound broadcast at the time of performance.

-Airplay will count on a 1:1 basis irrespective of the location of the station nationwide.

-The start of each day is 12:00 AM GMT.

-The main artiste or featured artiste has to be of African origin.


– Artistes can get to know how their songs on Ghana radio stations are performing and how to extend their range.

-Know which artistes are doing well for collaboration purposes.

-Data can be used in organizing award shows and related events.

-Artistes will be able to know which of their music is making the most impact on radio stations.

-Artistes will be able to know which period recorded the most airplay and what triggered it.

-Artistes will be able to know if promoted songs are actually being played as planned.

Ghud music has successfully collected data for over 2 years, using an internationally recognized algorithm and technology for airplay monitoring.

Industry players who want data on their favorite music or artiste in the industry with regards to airplay can now have a report on how Ghanaian and other African songs/ artistes are doing.

Source: Ghud Music

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