8 Ghanaian Men Talk About Their First Time Buying Condoms

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I think almost every guy has had to go through this uncomfortable experience… well except for the guys who are always asking their friends for some as you will see in some of the responses I got from them.

I asked a couple of guys to describe how their first time buying condoms went and I couldn’t stop laughing! Check out some of the responses.

1. John, 27 years

“When I got to the pharmacy, there were people around and I didn’t want them to see that I was coming to buy a condom so what I did was that I waited a while then I even attempted leaving. When I was about to go I noticed that they were also leaving so I rushed to the counter and I told the guy that I was buying a condom. He asked me for the type I wanted, I told him any. Then he gave me one and I put it in my pocket. When I was leaving I was thinking about how the guy would see me later and be saying I went to have sex. Lmao”

2. Kwesi, 28 years

“I have actually never bought a condom in my life. I usually ask my female friends and boys for condoms. I have a whole system for it. In Legon, all I had to do was go to Commonwealth and see one particular friend of mine. He always had a lot. In the US I would let my roomie buy it for me when he goes grocery shopping. He’s never asked me to pick up some for him. As I said, I have a system for it. Lmao!”

3. James, 23 years

“I was supposed to meet the girl around Haatso. I got to Atomic Junction and I was still finding it very difficult to go and buy it but I walked into the pharmacy shop. If there was only a lady there I would have bought it but it was a lady and an older man. I was even more confused so I told them I was buying amoxicillin. Lol! They asked me what I was going to use it for and I said as antibiotics. When they were putting the drug in it’s package I went to take water I didn’t want to buy. When the man left the counter for a while I immediately told the lady that I was buying a condom. She asked for the type I wanted and I told her any type. I quickly took it and I left the place.”

4. Benjamin, 25 years

“The first time I bought one was on Legon campus from my hall’s pharmacy. I was in level 300 by then and I bought Fiesta 3 Lmao! I only used one and gave the rest to my guy. I just entered and told the pharmacy attendant I was buying a condom. I wasn’t shy at all.”

5. Stephen, 26 years

“I think it was level 100 second semester. I hadn’t done it before and me and this girl had planned everything out and she said she would come over. I went to one of my friends for some, he didn’t have. I went to my second friend and he gave me one but what he gave me looked like it had been in his wallet for long so that one too yawa. So I decided to go to the pharmacy in hall to buy some. When I went, a nice lady was there; if it was a guy, I wouldn’t have been shy. Then I saw another older lady sitting behind her. The younger lady saf na adey fear na that old woman so chale, I started buying stuff I didn’t need. I bought toothpaste and one deodorant spray. The lady asked if that was all and intentional pointed at one condom and asked “how much is this thing”. She asked which thing and I pointed at it again. She said oohh they had various types so which type did I want. In my head I was saying “Ei Awurade, this lady will make the older woman catch me” Lmao! I told her I just wanted a good one and she said there are sizes so which one should she give me. At this point I was getting frustrated and I told her she should just give me anything. She make astress! Eventually she just picked one for me and started laughing a little. She asked me if I knew how to use it and I said yes and left. “

6. William, 28 years

“It was in level 100. I actually just walked in and asked for a condom. I might have actually even shouted it because I didn’t want them to ask me to repeat myself. After that I just looked at their faces and smiled. Lol. When I got back the girl changed her mind.”

7. Andy, 26 years

“Oh my story isn’t juicy at all. My friend owns a pharmacy so he supplies me. Some of us have it easy. “

8. Michael, 25 years

“I had just finished SHS. I don’t even know why I was buying it. I convinced myself that it was going to be fine, all I had to do was walk confidently to the counter where the condoms were being displayed. With each step I took, my heart wanted to come out from my chest. When I finally got to the counter, one older woman appeared from nowhere to pay for the things she had bought. All my vim left immediately! When the man asked what I wanted, I said Vitamin C. I made a friend buy it for me later. He doesn’t live around so they’ll not see him again. Lmao!”

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