How To Know If You’re Addicted To Your Smartphone

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Smartphones are so so convenient! I know I have lived without them at one point in my life but I can’t seem to remember what we used to do to while away time. Most people do everything with their phones and cannot imagine going a day without chatting with friends or seeing what’s happening around the world on the different social media apps.

Think back to the Dumsor time. Everyone just wanted to find ways to get their phones charged; forget the fact that they were always hot and other electrical appliances weren’t working.

People were travelling to see other people in different areas so they could charge their phones. If you were part of that squad, you already know that you’re probably addicted to your phone. If you aren’t convinced, check out our other points and find out how many you are guilty of:

1. You’re anxious

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Some people have a problem with even allowing others to look at pictures on their phones for a long time. They get really anxious about the fact that they aren’t the ones holding the phones. Just the thought of not having their phone can cause them anxiety and actually going without their phone is not even a thought they can entertain. If the notion of leaving your phone at home for the day sends you into a panic, you’re an addict.

2. You cannot visit the loo without it

You can’t even imagine how you’ll cope if you aren’t scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram feed whiles taking a dump. If this is you, you’re an addict.

3. It’s the last thing you see before sleeping and the first thing you see when you wake up

If this describes you perfectly, you already know. You’re a phone addict.

4. You can’t turn your phone off

Even if it’s dying, you would rather put the phone on airplane mode so it’s still on that use it till it goes off.

5. You move everywhere with your charger

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Just because you don’t want your phone to die. Some of you even add an adapter so you’re not stranded when you need to charge your phone.

6. You’re always distracted

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You give your phone so much attention that you miss out on the physical conversations you’re supposed to be having with people.

7. You Feel Phantom Vibrations

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You feel your phone vibrating, but when you check it, there’s nothing there. It could be a sign that you are so anxious about not using your phone that your body eagerly interprets other stimuli as a message from your phone.

How many of these are you guilty about?

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