Here Are Some Of Footballs Most Famous Rivalries

3. The North West Derby

North-West Derby – tammhc

If you know English football very well, you would probably be smiling. The North West derby is the embodiment of football hatred, both derbies at 1 and 2 are built on something else history, politics and city authority, but this rivalry is pure football hate. Manchester United vrs Liverpool is never a normal game anywhere played from U17 to senior team to women’s football, it’s all about which team is the greatest in English football. Both teams are the most successful teams of all time in England and they always go at each other when they play. On the pitch, in the stands the war is everywhere. These two teams are those kind of enemies who will rejoice because a player from one side is injured, it’s that bloody. They have faced each other 189 times, with united winning 75 of them and Liverpool 63 and 51 draws.


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