Feel Bad About Losing Friendships? Here’s What To Keep In Mind

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It’s not a fact that a lot of us like to admit, but not all friendships are for a lifetime. In fact, you are probably going to lose more friends than you keep over the course of your life. Remember the guys you used to fool around with back in primary? Yeah, you’re not exactly in touch now, are you?

When you start growing apart from people that you’ve called friend, you can feel a unique type of rejection. It’s because these days even if you aren’t actively involved in someone’s life, you can still see what they’re up to all the time on social media. When you see your friend do the things that you used to do together, but with other people, it can feel pretty bad.

However, growing apart from people, and losing friends is a natural thing. You just have to keep these things in mind:

Sometimes We Stop Being The People We Once Were

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When friendships are formed, they are between people at a moment in time. Those people are allowed to grow. After all, we are all constantly growing.

But there is nothing wrong with outgrowing who you were. You can’t keep pretending to be the person you used to be in order to hold on to a friendship.

Some Relationships Are Formed Because Of Similar Circumstances

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Sometimes people become friends because they are going through similar situations. For example, you become friends with your roommates in university because you are all sharing this experience that is big part of your lives. However, sometimes after we’ve gone through that situation that we had in common, these relationships fade out.

It’s nothing to feel guilty about. Friendship is best when it’s effortless. You’ll remember that at peak of your friendship, talking to that other person didn’t seem like a chore.

Not everyone that you call your friend is here for a lifetime.

Friendships are sort of like romantic relationships. Not all of them work out. And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. Sometimes, people stop being compatible.

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