The Entrepreneur’s Corner: Digital Marketing Tips To Get Your New Business Off The Ground

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We are in a time where having not having a physical store does not hinder businesses from functioning. In fact, some businesses are able to run entirely online without even having a physical store in the first place. Businesses that do have physical stores are also able to further widen their reach through digital marketing avenues.

These days, you can’t open your Instagram feed without coming across a business or two. As more and more people—business and customers alike—realize the potential of online market places, these platforms become important hubs for both buying and selling. You can’t—should not—start a business right now without taking the social media market into consideration.

This creates the need for some digital marketing efforts on your end. However, if you’re just starting out, it might not be feasible to have a marketing budget that is big enough to enable you to hire professional help. These digital marketing tips from Samuel Barimah Amoaning should help with your decision-making and get you on the right path to having a successful digitally relevant business. Samuel Barimah Amoaning is the Creative Director and Founder of Entamoty Media Limited. He has first-hand experience running digital marketing campaigns which make his tips all the more steeped in real life experience.

Go Organic If You Don’t Have A Budget

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Most people’s impression of digital marketing involves some paid campaigns or agency-run advertising efforts. However, Samuel assures us that going digital just requires some research and some though. Of course, you can get better results if you pay for services like sponsored posts or even employ professional services. But doing things organically can also have surprising results if you do things right.

Doing things right here meaning; enlisting the help of your friends and people in your circle. We all have a digital presence, no matter how small that presence is. Reach out your friends and family, first and foremost. These are people that you have access to and who are personally invested in seeing your business do well. Ask them to like your posts, and share them in order to increase your reach. Utilizing a large number of small platforms can generate significant engagement, AKA, traffic for your business.

Another important tool that Samuel tells us about when it comes to driving up organic engagement numbers is hashtags. Samuel likens posts without hashtags to conversations with yourself. They won’t produce the results that you want. When you use hashtags, you are able to tap into various different niches, and you are able to grow your potential audience. Using hashtags right can take some doing though. You can check out this Kuulpeeps guide on increasing your engagement with hashtags.

How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Business

Find The Right Platform For Your Product

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Another important aspect of digital marketing is choosing the right platform for your product. There are differences between the audiences on the various social networks. You will find that the people on LinkedIn will not be interested in the same types of posts as the people on Facebook, per say. In fact, even between Facebook and Instagram which are owned by the same company, there are differences between what users engage with and what they’re interested in.

An example that Samuel gives is that, if you sell a product like hand bags, Instagram is the platform where you want to sell in order to have the most significant impact. He even emphasizes the role of a platform like WhatsApp when it comes to selling. In addition to that, Samuel believes that every seller should focus their attention on Facebook groups. According to him, their selling power should not be underestimated.

Promote Your Content

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Finally, if you do have a marketing budget for your small business, you should promote your business’ posts wherever you have the opportunity. Facebook provides services that you can use to sponsor posts on both Instagram and the Facebook app. In fact, sometimes, you can even sponsor posts to run simultaneously across both platforms.

Another thing that you might also want to look into is using Google Ads for you business. Finally, we can hardly mention paid digital marketing without mentioning Influencers. Influencer marketing is on the rise, owing largely to its effectiveness as a way of reaching relevant markets. You can find an Influencer that fits your brand or product image, and pay them to market your product.

As a small business, when it comes to digital marketing, now more than ever, you have options. You can decide which ones work best for you and take advantage of them to grow your business.



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