Skin Care Tips Every Guy Should Take Note Of

Skincare isn’t any guy’s favourite topic, but by all standards it’s important. For men, daily body routine takes like just about 30 minutes to get done with and a lot of things are skipped during that short period, but these skin care tips are so simple you won’t even realize you added them up to your routines.

Warm, not hot.

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Many of us like to jump in a hot shower and stay there for a long while, especially when it’s cold out. That may be harmful to your skin (also known as your dermis). Bathing in hot water for long periods dries you out, and dry skin is itchy, scaly, and flaky. That’s because hot water strips away your natural oils. For better skin health, keep the water warm, not hot. If you insist on a hot shower, keep it under five minutes.

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