New Year, New Afrogirl: What I’ve learnt In My 20-Something Years Of Living On Earth

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Every year I try not to look forward to my birthday and every year I succeed… until it’s about a week to it. I try to limit my expectations because nobody owes me anything. Right?

Anyways, the one thing I try to do every year especially before the birthday itself is just reflect on how far I’ve come. Every year, there’s always massive growth whether it’s physically, emotionally or just mentally.

Some of the things I’ve learnt so far in these 20-something years of living are:

1. Saving is a must

Lol. I know this might not be what you were expecting but believe me I’ve seen too much to not try to save. I’ve been struggling so hard with this but the good thing is that I’m still trying. I’m still figuring out what stuff to cut out and just generally trying to wing it.

  • 2. Get a side job

Especially when the main job is not paying you much. I have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders I have decided to take on plus I pay for every other thing which doesn’t have to do with rent and sometimes, this can be very very difficult living on one salary. 

  • 3. It gets better 

Honestly, it does. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way right now but just know that it does. I can remember numerous times where it felt like my life was over, and I wasn’t going to get the gig, or I messed up too much or just something and I felt like that’s it! I’m done for but look at me now. Lol. I’m thinking about those moments and smiling.

4. Everything works together for your own good

I strongly believe this and it has changed the way I see things. I believe God has put people in your path strategically and everything that happens with them is going to affect you someway somehow in your future. I believe you should embrace every encounter, every experience; good or bad and you should just learn from it.

  • 5. You don’t have to get everything figured out

Maybe this should have been number 1 for me because I’ve been preaching this message since 2018. Things will make sense with time. You’ll find out what exactly you want to do eventually. Till then, experience life as it is. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Learn! Because in all of your experiences lie what you’ve been looking for and once you find it, you’ll be wondering why you were stressing before.

6. Nurture your passion or talent

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been in the spotlight and I loved it. What I’ve noticed is that, at every point, doing these things have taught me so much including being able to still do what you love even when nobody is clapping for you. Your hobby doesn’t always have to pay the bills. It should be something you just feel right doing. Something that helps you relax and just be yourself.

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