6 Ways To Last Longer In Bed Without Stressing Yourself

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There’s no ideal number of minutes one has to have sex for but 2 minutes is definitely not enough for your woman to get the good stuff. There is the time and place for quickies which are hot and all buuuuttt, every time shouldn’t be a quickie.

Now, we aren’t saying the sex should be long just for the fun of it or just to prove that you can last longer. The idea is to be able to allow your partner reach an orgasm before you do or orgasm with you at the same time because it usually takes time for women to reach an orgasm. The time spent during the sexual activities and the sex itself should be long enough to satisfy both of you. So:

1. Remember that sex doesn’t always mean penetration

It’s important to remember that when we say sex, we are referring to everything sexual that happens in the bedroom and not just penetration. It includes a lot of foreplay, massages and kissing. All the naughty things you do before having the sex itself are all a part of the experience and considering the fact that a large number of women experience clitoral orgasms, it’s important that foreplay is done well. If she cums, she’s not going to be bothered if you last 1 minute in bed.

2. Incorporate toys

The toys can help the woman climax earlier and even multiple times so by the time you 2 are ready for the sex, it’s all about you the guy. Also, if you climax earlier, than you planned, you can use the toy to sort of “redeem” yourself by using it on her and making sure she also reaches orgasm instead of rolling over and sleeping.

3. Take it slow

Aim for one thrust every few seconds, then gradually (like, every two minutes) take it up a notch, to the point where there’s a thrust every second or so. If you feel like you’re going to cum, stop thrusting and wait a few seconds until you can control yourself and start up again.

4. Masturbate

It’s easier to nut the first time. The other times may take a while before you climax so you can masturbate before your girl comes over to make the sex last longer but even with this, you need the foreplay to make sure she’s wet enough for you to keep thrusting.

5. Use a condom

The main reason why most guys hate condoms is because “it doesn’t allow them to really feel what’s going on” and if you’re in this boat, you can use this to your advantage. The sensations on your penis will be slightly weaker with a condom on, which might translate to longer sex sessions.

6. Try new positions

Switching positions and trying different types of stimulation can provide continued arousal but maybe not to the point of orgasm. If you have a go-to move that allows you to cum faster, keep switching the positions up.

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