5 Of Afrogirl’s Favorite Things And Places

Image of The AfroGirl

These are just a handful of things that come to mind when I think of the things I love.

  • 1. My favorite App – Instagram

I love Instagram because it allows you to reinvent yourself, visually. When I decided to change my handle to the_afrogirl because I had just started modeling and well, I had an Afro, I wanted to be unique and to stand out. I didn’t even know that that was what was called “branding”. I just wanted to be a different person on there; the model. I wanted people to see me there and wonder how I could be the same person standing in front of them. I’m not sure why I wanted that to happen but yeah. 

I also love Instagram because it gives you an avenue to share your creativity. Through Instagram a lot of talent has been discovered especially during the Corona season because as a creative, you were forced to dig deep and just create to keep yourself from going insane.

  • 2. My Best Feature; hair

Lol. I know this is one of the most obvious things ever but yeah! My hair! I wish I could get a before picture of my hair after I permed it when I completed high school. I couldn’t cut the perm off even when I decided to transition and it cost me dearly but I still wouldn’t be able to cut it if I was to do it today. I only started actually caring for my hair in August last year and I’ve loved the process of getting to know my hair all over. I love the struggles of washday and I love it when people come to me for advice on their hair. 

My hair helped give me an identity on Social Media which has helped me grow to be who I am today. Imagine if I had listened to my mum when she asked me to keep perming my hair after Senior High School.😹😹

3. My Happy Place; The beach

If you’re on my socials you already know this. The beach is my calming place. Even though there are people always there, I don’t really see them. There’s just something beautiful about the sand and the sea; they carry all my troubles away with them. 

  • 4. The Best People; My friends

I think once you have your own tribe of people around you, you’re set for life. I have 5 close friends I fuck with; each on a different level. Lol. I know who I go to for relationship advice, I know who I go to for money/job advice and the likes. I love them and they always ALWAYS come through for me and if it’s my last coin I have to spend on them to make them happy, I’ll do it and just starve with them because life is too short not to have memories where you were starving with your friends😹

  • 5. One thing I can’t live without ; my phone

First reason; because I bought it with my own money (I cried a little when I saw the amount I was spending) and it was totally worth it. I shoot all my videos and edit with my phone. My phone provides me with my extra income on the side. My phone loves me and I love it😹😹

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