4 Things We Miss About Celebrating Birthdays In SHS That We Wish We Had Now

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Even though most of us will hate to admit it, boarding SHS memories are some of the best we had. From the annoying seniors we encountered to we becoming those seniors, there are numerous memories we would love to relive. One of them being birthdays.

I don’t know about you but every birthday I spent in SHS was fun! I attended Holy Child Senior High School so maybe my experiences will be a little different from yours but you will get the picture.

  • 1. Mass Intentions

Mass intentions are read in front of the congregation. Here an individual asks the priest to offer a Mass for another person, in this case, the celebrant. If you’re well liked, a lot of people will offer mass for you and all their requests will be heard by everyone. By the time mass is over, almost everyone in the school would know it’s your birthday and will be sending you wishes.

2. Gifts

The gifts you get in SHS is quite limited especially if your school is a strict one but still. By the time you reach your bed after prep, your bed has been decorated with plenty of small gifts which of course, make you feel very loved and appreciated.

3. Sticky notes

After prep, it’s usually advised that you stay in your class a little longer so that people who have been given notes to place on your bed will do so before you get there. These notes have well wishes of everyone you know. 

4. Ponding

I cannot stress enough how I hated this part but yeah! It will still be done. For some reason, it’s a tradition to pour water on someone on their birthdays. I saw someone soak gari for days and pour the water on another person on their birthday! One word: stench!

Is there any other practice I left out?

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