3 Very Convincing Scams That You’re Too Old To Be Falling For

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There is nothing like being scammed to make you believe so badly in Karma. After all, how can someone go off with your hard earned money just like that. Even if they had robbed you, you would feel better about yourself because at least then you didn’t have a choice. When you’re scammed, there’s just a feeling of “I should have seen this coming,” or even “How did I let myself fall for this,” and those feelings can often be worse than the money that you lost.

Which is why, being the guardian angels that we are, we are here to save you some stress. Here are some of the most common scams going around, just so can see them coming when someone attempts any of them on you.

Forex Scams

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I don’t know why I feel like we’ve all been invited to join Forex at one point or another. And yes, Forex trading can certainly be lucrative. That is, if you know what you’re doing. For newcomers, here is where the scam comes in. You have no idea how to actually trade, but you are in a rush to make some money. Nobody can blame you, there’s hardly a person who would pass up a chance to make some quick cash.

And then someone promises to get you into a group where you get Forex signals that will make you rich. Here’s the catch; you have to pay to get into the group. And then you also make a commission when you get people into the group. If that sounds like a pyramid scheme to you, that’s because it is, ladies and gentlemen.

Employment Scams

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Now, there’s a sad situation, really. You’ve been unemployed for a while and you’re trying to get a job. Yet, you are the target market for a group of scammers. These scams usually start with what seem like legitimate job ads. However, you are asked to pay an interview fee, a training fee or whatever other creative name the person who made the scam comes up with.

Whenever you’re asked to pay money for a job opportunity, it should raise a red flag. No legitimate employer will ask you to pay money before you are considered for a job opportunity. Do your research whenever you see a company name that you’re unfamiliar with. Just Google the company to see what turns up. Besides, if you want to work at a company, you should be doing your homework anyway.

Tonaton Scams

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Next up, we have Tonaton scams. These ones can get a little dangerous if you aren’t careful. How they work though, is you find an item that you just have to have. Usually because the price is so ridiculously lower than other alternatives. That should be the first red flag that makes you concerned. Another red flag is being able to tell that the product images were lifted off the internet.

When you end up meeting with the seller, they hand you a fake product, and usually they are gone by the time that you’re able to tell that what you got was a fake. Other times, they might even show you the real deal and swap it out for a fake whenever there’s an opportunity.

Have you ever been a victim of a scam? You can share your experience with us in the comments below.

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