3 Must-Haves For Whenever Dumsor Strikes

Light off/ dumsor, candle light
image via Ghana talks business

Every Ghanaian or any person who just so happens to find themselves living in Ghana knows how heartbreaking and annoying it is to not have electricity all of sudden.

In some parts of the country, dumsor is a thing of the past, which is terrific, but it still hits in other areas, so because of that, here are 3 essentials for whenever your power goes out.

A Power Bank

Uniq Fuele Mini 8000mAH USB-C PD Pocket Power Bank, Pink - Powerbank |  Alzashop.com

You’ve probably thought about getting this at some point, so don’t wait for the power to go out before you get one of these. They’re super handy, especially when the lights go out and you need some alone time with your phone.

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