Apple Will Replace Faulty Airpods Pro For Free

image via Eddie Lee/Hypebeast

Apple has announced a new worldwide program to replace faulty AirPods Pro experiencing audio issues free of charge. The initiative follows complaints from customers about experiencing crackling and popping sounds when wearing the AirPods.

To be eligible for the AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues, the AirPods must have been manufactured prior to October 2020. Customers can take the faulty AirPods to an Apple Store, an authorized Apple service provider, or contact Apple Support to have the earbuds examined. According to Apple, the AirPods must either exhibit one or both of the following issues: “crackling or static sounds that increase in loud environments, with exercise or while talking on the phone” or “Active Noise Cancellation not working as expected, such as a loss of bass sound, or an increase in background sounds, such as street or airplane noise.”

If an issue is determined in left, right or both AirPods, Apple will replace them for free. The AirPod Pro case is not part of the program nor will the program extend warranty coverage.

Visit Apple’s website for full details on the program and options for replacing your AirPods Pro.

Apple has also recently filed a patent for bone conduction technology which may be featured in the upcoming AirPods 3.

Source: Hypebeast

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