5 Relatable Scenarios This Mr Eazi Meme Is Perfect For

Mr Eazi photo used as a meme on [email protected]_Serwaaa

There’s a Mr Eazi meme that’s doing EVERYTHING for us right now.

He’s got this look on his face in a photo booth with one hand on his waist and the whole demeanor and reaction is just so relatable if you consider these scenarios.

The crucial phone call when visiting is close

Back in SHS, nobody messed around with visiting days charle. You had to call to confirm and list your demands.

Trying to reclaim loans from friends

Friends who promised to pay a year ago and are making you chase them for your money!

When your delivery guy doesn’t obey instructions

You explicitly told them to go left and they ignored and now you’re wondering how they ended up in the dessert.

When your roommate disappears with the keys

You’ve hard a long day and you just couldn’t wait to get back to your room and eat or sleep. You come to your door and your roommate left with the keys. Of all the days!

When the food delivery is taking too long

You ordered the food 24 hours ago…delivery man still no call. Ei.

What other scenario can you think of?

Mr Eazi photo used as a meme on [email protected]_Serwaaa

Source: Kuulpeeps

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