5 Reasons Why Ghanaian Parents Are The Worst To Watch Movies With

Honestly, it feels like they’re in a WhatsApp group somewhere telling each other what to do. Ghanaian parents are alike in so many ways and it’s so obvious when we all share our experiences with them.

I try as much as possible not to watch movies with my parents because, well, once bitten, twice shy or in my case, 5 or more times bitten, I’m very very shy😹. Here are 5 reasons why watching a movie with your parents is a bad idea.

1. The commentary

Bruh! They talk about everything! They’ll be shouting at the characters, telling them what to do and what not to do. They’ll even insult them. You know the worst part? They’ll be asking you questions about the movie and the characters, knowing very well that you’re also watching the movie for the first time!

2. They’ll doze off

Within 30-45 minutes of watching the movie, you’ll see them dozing off. If you try waking them up, they’ll shout at you. By the time they are awake again, you’ve reached the juicy part of the movie and they’ll start asking questions. If they don’t get the answers they get, they’ll ask you to rewind it so they start watching from where they dozed off at.

3. Sex scenes are always awkward

No matter how old you are, even if your parents know that you’re having sex, the sex scenes are always going to be awkward. You have to start pressing your phone or stare hard at the ceiling or if the tension is too much, you immediately feel like using the bathroom😹😹

4. There’s always a volume problem

At every point they complain about the volume. It’s either it’s too low or too high. Eventually, they’ll take the remote from you and control it by themselves. They eventually doze off until the loud sounds from the movie wakes them up again.

5. Dramatic reactions

The “Oh Oh Oh Oh” and the “aaahh!!!” alone will make you think that someone has died in real life. They’re always exaggerating! And oh, the insults they rain on the characters are always unmatched!

What other reason did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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