Meet 10 Of The Best African Comedians In 2020

Image of Trevor Noah, Helen Paul and Bovi

Over the past years, being funny in Africa has become a lucrative career. Even in struggling economies, people have opened up to the idea of laughter as an essential of their balanced diets.

When compiling this list, I realised that what passes for comedy here in Ghana really doesn’t come close to the content these 10 people churn out.

Churchill from Kenya has worked in the comedy industry since 1996 and he still has fresh jokes to tell which don’t involve insulting people or ridiculing them. In fact, he went ahead and launched the Churchill Show in 2008. The show has given a platform to hundreds of comedians in the country.

Women like Helen Paul and and Anne Kansiime are also on our list as they’re doing amazing in their fields. Anne has sold out shows in Harare, Kuala Lumpur, Lilongwe and London while Helen Paul runs the Helen Paul theatre and film Academy where she trains students in creative art and how it affects people’s daily lives.

Find out who else is on our list here.


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