Worlasi And Drvmroll’s Upcoming Joint EP Is The Beautiful Production Of Sound We All Deserve

So if this is the first time you’re hearing this, Worlasi’s dropping new music with the music producer, Drvmroll. 

The Kuulpeeps music team got the chance to listen to the project at their intimate listening session at The Stub Accra and yes… it’s exactly what you thought it’d be… amazing. 

I’m not about to do a full review because I need that album to drop first so I keep it on repeat till I become one with it but I can tell you for a fact that the project is a solid one.

I love it when producers collaborate with artistes and don’t get overshadowed by the artiste. Drvmroll did that. All I noticed was the fact that the production was solid and even though it was just a first listen, I already have a favourite: Libilibi.

Libilibi is the first song off the 5-track EP. I’m going to have to tell you to hold on to your wigs because the energy in the production and Worlasi’s vocals is just something else.

I discovered a new artiste named Wes7ar 22. He was featured on Kilode, a song on the EP that was just released as a single. His voice is so smooth and listening to him sing his verse live at the listening session was a treat. 

I’ve always talked about Worlasi being a badass artiste for a purely hiphop track’s hook and he proved me right again on another song, Hibernate. The interesting part is, they got E.L, Haywire and more importantly, Feli Nuna and Freda Rhymz. Yes I’m being biased because they are women but a lot of times, the ladies don’t get to flex their bars on hiphop tracks and the fact that they’re both on this song makes me so happy.

A Worlasi album isn’t complete with a few fun tracks that are a complete vibe and the lyrics make you smile. Guinness does that — not the drink — the song on the EP. Amazon, a song Worlasi and Drvmroll mentioned they recorded at the time the Amazon rainforest was reported to be on fire also makes you smile and think. The production here is something that definitely stood out immediately for me.

The EP ends on a smooth sound titled House Portey. If you’re into proper arrangement of songs on a project, you’d appreciate how the DIOS EP starts strong and slowly mellows out. 

Call these spoilers for the EP if you will. I enjoyed the music and I am expectant to see how it’d feel, listening to it again when it drops on the 6th of November.

You should check out the first single off the EP. It’s the most “commercial” sounding one and take a moment to enjoy Wes7ar 22.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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