Lively Minds Together: Education Ministry Launches Radio Show For Early Childhood Development

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Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister for Education, has launched Lively Minds Together, a radio show geared towards early childhood development in the Northern Region.

The radio show is run by the Ghana Educational Service (GES).

It seeks to support parents and caregivers of Kindergarten-age children with ideas, motivation and confidence to try activities at home that support children’s development.

Each week, two-hour-long episodes will be delivered in local languages across a network of 19 radio stations.

The programme will be available in Akuapem Twi, Buli, Dagaare, Dagbanli, Ewe, Gonja, Gurune, Kasem, Kusaal, Likpakpal, Mampruli, Moar, Nabt, Tamplima, Twi, Sisaale and Waale.

One of the episodes will be on ‘parenting’ which will suggest ideas and activities that parents and caregivers can try at home.

The other episode will be on games that will teach parents and caregivers educational games that they can try at home.

Each episode will include a phone-in at the end, giving listeners the chance to share their experiences with previous activities.

Both live episodes will be repeated later in the week, meaning there will be 4 hours of broadcasting each week in each language.

Below is the schedule for the radio show:

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source: CNR

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