Check Your DM—The Ghanaian Podcast You’ll Be Sorry You Were Missing

Check Your DM Promo Visual Via Buzzsprout

So, you’re probably thinking that you’re not a podcast type of person. I’m here to say that you’re definitely wrong. You just haven’t found the right podcast yet. And if you’re just starting your adult life in Ghana, then we have just the one for you. Check Your DM is Ghanaian podcast that brings you the real stories of people—stories that are quite frankly going to make you blush.

As the name of the podcast suggests, it examinesthrough conversations with some of your favourite celebrities—the complexities of online dating and sex culture in an age that is heavily reliant on social networks.

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

If you’re active on Twitter, you’ll recognize the hosts of the podcast @FlavaFlavswife and @afadjato whose personalities make Check Your DM a fun listen. Fun … but just make sure to use headphones when you’re listening to this podcast. The content on the podcast can get quite … err, adult.

Listen to the trailer for Check Your DM below.

Sounds exciting, right? You can listen to the rest of the podcast’s episodes here.



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