3 Things Ghanaians Do That Are Normal But Are Scary To Others.

For some outsiders, this month, the month of October, is the month of Halloween, where spooky and frightening things are all the rage, but for us as Ghanaians, it’s just another regular month…. or is it?

We as people are so used to doing things that may be normal to us, but for others, specifically foreigners, it gives them the creeps.

Here are 3 of those things that are very normal, but for a few people, it gives them the worst of nightmares.

Prayer camps praying in the middle of the night

Prayer and healing camps hindering fight against HIV - OTMedia

If you live in a residential area, this is not a problem at all, but even for us Ghanaians that don’t, I’m sure you’ve jumped in fright when you’re grabbing something in the middle of the night and there’s a loud gathering in the back blowing some hot tongues.

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