#inVeencibleAlbum: MzVee Opens Up About The Hard-Knock Life She Was Born Into

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When you are a celebrity and living the life that comes with the status, very few people are aware of the kind of hardship you have once lived through.

Most people see the manifestation of the success you have now and wrongly assume that you might have been accustomed to it.

However, that is often not the case. A lot of celebrities have a story of grass to grace to tell.

One of them is MzVee.

In a new promotional video for her yet to be released album called “inVeencible”, she opens up about her upbringing and the poverty she was born into.

She said there were days the family went hungry, had little to spend on recreational activities and her parents had to put them through a government school for their primary school level education.

However, in all that despair she also saw perseverance and the will to grow.

She mentions her mother starting a chop bar that through hard work she eventually acquired two chop bars and a restaurant, her father investing in a car spare parts dealership shop at Abbey Okai, which also through hard work became more than one store.

She tells a story of a family making sacrifices, recognizing that only them can make their lives better and moving ahead to take risks.

It’s that strength and tenacity she witnessed in her parents that gives her push to forge ahead no matter how difficult it gets.

You can watch the promotional video below:


She is hoping to make a bold comeback statement with her “inVeencibleAlbum.”

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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