3 Things To Do Whenever You Are Feeling Hot

If you’re in Ghana, one thing you can notice right off the bat is when it rains it pours (no, not the Pop Smoke song), and when it’s sunny, it’s extra sunny.

So sunny in fact, that it could be excruciatingly hot and you feel like you’re in hell. Has it ever crossed your mind what you can do to not feel as hot whenever these days are a little too sunny?

Here are 3 things to keep in mind whenever it’s blazing hot.

Never wear anything black on a sunny day

We Wear Black GIFs | Tenor

It might be basic knowledge to some, but unless you want to feel like you’re cooking, wearing anything black is something you should never do. Something white would be fine to expel the heat and make your day-to-day a lot more tolerable.

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