What “Jerusalema” Means And 4 Other Lit Songs From Master KG

South African artiste and producer, Master KG image via NewFrame.com

At the moment, in Ghana or Accra at least, there’s one song that’s blasting from speakers all over.

Master KG’s Jerusalema.

Radio stations are playing it, DJ’s are blasting it at weddings, funerals, pubs…even politicians are playing it at every rally. The song is viral here and if you want people to jam, you play it!

Jerusalema is actually a gospel song for those who do not know. It’s practically a prayer asking God to guide and protect you in this life that’s only a journey and not necessarily your home because well…Jerusalema (heaven) is your real home. In SA, it’s actually categorised as Gospel house music.

The song currently has several remixes with one of our favourites definitely being the official one with Burna Boy so…if you love Jerusalema and are enjoying it, then you will enjoy these equally energetic house music produced and recorded by Master KG himself!

Waya Waya

Released way back in 2018…this song is a feel-good song celebrating life and the fact that it’s sad that we die but life’s good and you need to dance!

Skeleton Move

Some of you may know this song and the few lyrics as is common in SA house music basically says one thing “Remember the road that will lead you home”


Not sure what this song actually translates to but it appears to be a song about love in all its different ways because all the comments and the music video point to that. The song is on his Jerusalema album, released just this year.

Di Boya Limpopo

If there’s a song for enjoyment…this is it. If the video reflects what the artistes are singing about, then it’s enjoyment upon enjoyment!

Find his recent album also titled Jerusalema on all streaming platforms and enjoy more of his music.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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