First Date Signs Which Let You Know If Someone’s A Keeper

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First dates can be nerve wrecking and exciting because this is the first time you’re actually hanging out with this person. Yes, you’ve been chatting with the person and you feel like you know them but this is the first time you’re actually going to interact with them in person. Things can go south pretty quickly. Here are 5 telltale signs that, the person you’re seeing on this first date is a keeper.

1. You can tell that they’re really happy with life

Many people are on the lookout for someone who will make them happy but relationships should only add to the happiness you have. Expecting someone to take you out from your depression or anxious state should never be the goal of a relationship. You should be happy with yourself and then you bring that happiness into the relationship.

2. They treat everyone kindly

This can especially be determined when you have the date at a restaurant. You can see how they talk to the waiters and waitresses. If they’re rude, dismissive, or otherwise disrespectful to others, it could be a sign that they wouldn’t be a respectful partner.

3. They clearly respect your boundaries, needs and opinions

This is a really good thing because it shows that you both can have a discussion where both of you are on different spectrums but you’ll not end up fighting each other and not speak to each other.

4. They meet the standards you set

Everyone has standards they want their partners to meet whether they admit it or not. If the person you’ve gone on the date with checks all your boxes, you’re good to go.

5. You can be honest

As we said earlier, first dates can be very awkward but if your conversation can be moved from that awkward point to a friendly banter and interesting one, then you’re good. If you can also be your honest self while talking to them and they don’t judge you, they’re okay.


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