Avoid Tutorial Hell: How To Learn A New Skill Online

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These days there are numerous platforms where you can go to pick up a new skill. A lot of the time though, it can be difficult to sift through all the content and people end up in tutorial hell. Which is basically, when a person wants to learn something online, tries and ends up not being able to retain anything.

So, we’re here with some tips to make you more effective learning new things online. Whatever they may be; these are general tips.

Stick To One Platform

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Let’s say for example, you wanted to learn Photoshop. I can promise you, there are over a thousand and one tutorial videos on YouTube all about Photoshop. When you’re trying to pick a skill as a beginner, it’s more helpful to not overwhelm yourself with too many virtual teachers.

If you’re using YouTube, find someone whose teaching resonates. A lot of channels usually organize playlists relating to a particular subject. So, you could find several introductory Photoshop videos put together by one person neatly organized into a playlist.

Alternatively, there are several other platforms that host full courses; including Khan Academy, Udemy and Scrimba among others.

Don’t Be A Passive Tutorial Watcher

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If what you’re trying to learn is practical, then it is very—did I mention very?—very important that you practice what you’re trying to learn. You can’t watch a video on how to do something, watch someone else do that thing and then feel like you know how to do that thing yourself.

Best case scenario, you have whatever tutorial that you’re using open in one tab, and in another you have the program that you’re trying to learn.

You hear all the time, of photographers, graphic designers and producers who are self-taught. A lot of these people use online resources but they don’t just watch those things, they learn by doing.

Don’t Try And Learn Everything All At Once

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The tutorial online are usually available to allow you to learn everything at your own pace. For some people that means they can learn everything very quickly and move on. But it’s hard to retain things when you’re moving too fast.

It is for that reason that spaced learning is important. When you space your lessons, you are able to properly process everything that you’re learning. You won’t find yourself mixing up elements from different lessons.

Repetition Helps

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One of the biggest advantages of learning online is that the lessons are pretty much always there. You can always go back to a tutorial that you’ve already taken to clarify something that you don’t understand.

Or just at those times that you’ve moved on from a lesson and discover that you need to apply something from that tutorial. There is nothing wrong with not remembering everything, you’re not a machine. Simply, put in the effort of going back and finding the thing that you’re not clear on.

One final thing, online learning aside, you should try and leverage your network where possible. If you know someone who does the thing that you’re trying to learn, ask them for help when you get stuck or when you have a question.

Have you ever tried to learn anything online? Did you go through with it? Did you give up? Whatever the case, share your experience with us in the comments below.

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