Shaker’s “Sometimes” Is A Frustrating Letter To Fans: Here Are 5 Things We Learned

Screenshot via YouTube//Sometimes music video by Shaker

Fans can be very selfish and that’s exactly what Shaker sings about on his latest song, “Sometimes” featuring Fameye and Asi.

On the song he rapped about the frustrations of being an artiste while Fameye and Asi’s vocals gave the song a soothing and reflective feel to it all.

In the almost 4 minute song, we learned a lot about our expectations, as fans when it comes to music artistes. 

1.Understand your faves when they don’t drop new music

Sometimes, they really aren’t motivated enough.

2. Allow your faves to switch things up sometimes and do what they love 

Don’t expect your favourite artiste to do what you like just because that’s what you like

3. Appreciate the effort artistes put into their craft

Ease the pressure of trying to make them “fit in” or “stand out” by force

4. Support, your faves wholeheartedly and stream/buy their music.

If you don’t stream, how will they eat?

5. Ease up on the brutal and insensitive criticisms 

They are humans too and you don’t have to be ruthless in dismissing the work they put out.

Listen to the song all streaming platforms here: Sometimes by Shaker and watch the Akwadaa Nyame directed video below:

Source: Kuulpeeps

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