Ghana Police Warns It’s An Offence To Induce Voters With Gifts

A Ghanaian Voter

We are weeks away from the 2020 General Election.

President Akufo-Addo is seeking re-election while Former President John Mahama also wants one more try at the helm of affairs.

The two politicians are 1 and 2 on the ballot papers, respectively and now the campaign is picking up steam.

As the campaign picks up steam, the politicians as we often know, will start making promises they may not be able to keep just to secure votes.

Some even go as far as giving out gifts – in previous elections, candidates have given away gas cylinders, gas cookers, outboard motors, cooking utensils and even money just to win votes.

That attitude throws out any notion of a democratic election being free and fair.

Now, it seems that practice is even an offense.

According to the Ghana Police Service, “it is an offense to directly give a gift to a Voter to induce Him or Her to vote in a certain manner.”

Now, we are just waiting to see if the police will crack the whip and actually arrest a politician for this offense.


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