5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Male Bestie

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A lot of people think being besties with the opposite sex would definitely end in sex and that if you’re dating someone who has the opposite sex as a best friend, they’re having sex on the low. In as much as there’s a chance of that happening, most of the time, it’s purely just friendship. There’s so much you learn from the other gender that you don’t realise when with people of your own gender. Here are some reasons why I think every girl should have a male best friend.

1. No drama

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Let’s be honest with ourselves. There is always some type of drama among ladies. The smallest thing ticks us off and causes us to fight among ourselves. Even when you actively try not to get involved with any drama, so far as you’re with ladies, the drama will find you. This doesn’t mean you’ll never argue with your male bestie but even what that happens, you shouldn’t expect him to hold any grudges or to give you the silent treatment. He’ll tell you what’s bothering him about your behaviour and when you two have a disagreement, you’ll resolve it quickly without any unnecessary drama.

2. They’re honest

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Most guys have no idea what about the details of what we put on our faces or the clothes we wear. All they know is whether it’s nice or not and they are very expressive about their opinions. They give you tough love and you cannot even get mad because you know they’re coming from a place of love.

3. They’re overprotective

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This is where many people think it’s more than just platonic friendships but its just them being overprotective. They have your back always. If anyone tries to hurt you, they step in because they don’t want to see you hurt.

4. He helps you understand men better

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You can always ask them what the mixed signals other guys give you mean or how they interpret certain messages sent to them. They help you get a fresh perspective about guys and you can finally take a look at the world from a male’s point of view.

5. They are easy to make plans with

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In comparison with other ladies where you need to plan ahead and when it’s getting closer to the date, they even cancel on you, male besties are much more easy going. If they have nothing planned, they’ll definitely spend the time with you. No awkward conversation needed. No trying hard to convince them (unless they’re busy).

What other perk did I leave out of having a male bestie? Let me know in the comments section.

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