This Video Featuring Ronaldinho Is The First To Attain One Million Views On YouTube

Ronaldinho in the Nike Crossbar training advert

In 2005, Nike Football and Ronaldinho partnered to create a footage which has been described by some as the world’s first viral video.

The video was an advert made to promote the 2005 Nike Tiempo Legend boots.

The 2005 Nike Tiempo Legend boots

The video, which was nearly three minutes long, was uploaded to YouTube in November 2005, and it became the first video to reach one million views on the social media platform.

This was a great feat because the video was uploaded just four months after YouTube was founded, and at that time, social media wasn’t a big thing.

In the video, Ronaldinho was presented with a pair of new Tiempo boots. He wore them and then proceeded to play keep-ups while knocking the ball off the crossbar four times, and each time he did, the ball perfectly landed at his feet.

In 2015, Nike Football released a remastered version the video to mark the advert’s 10th anniversary.

Watch the video below:

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