The Main Reason Why The Public Universities Bill Was Withdrawn From Parliament

university of ghana legon
University of Ghana, Legon

The Government was working on passing a new bill that would regulate the running of Public Universities in the country.

Known as the the Public Universities Bill 2020, it was meant to establish a new way of managing universities.

In the bill was one proposal that was seen as having the potential of limiting academic freedom and affecting the free environment required for teaching and learning at universities.

The proposal was about the establishment of University Council for every public university in the country.

This council would be the highest decision-making body at the university and it would be made up of 13 members.

Of the 13 members of the council, 8 of them would be appointed by the President while the remaining 5 from the university.

This would mean that the government of the day would have a larger say in the academic life of students and lecturers of the various universities.

In addition, the President was also going to get the power to dissolve any council when he or she thinks there is an emergency on campus.

For instance the KNUST clashes that occurred would have provided the grounds for the President to dissolve the council without consulting anyone from the university.

Fearing that the Bill as written, gives the President too much power to control all major academic, financial, administrative aspects of university life and professorial level appointments at public institutions throughout Ghana, various experts kicked against it.

Undoubtedly, it is that pressure that has got the government to withdraw the bill from parliament for further dialogue on the provisions in the bill.


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