Signs That You’re In A Toxic Work Environment

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I know it’s Monday and the normal reaction to Mondays are sighing repeatedly out of frustration and exhaustion and wondering where you can find a rich spouse to marry because you’re a baby boy/girl who deserves all the finer things of life. This feeling is normal.

The problem is when you always feel like this when it’s about work. There’s a constant dread you feel and there’s no happiness whatsoever. You’re always in a hurry to leave and when you do, you always feel a sense of relief.

This is no way to live life and it’s one of 2 things. It’s either you’re not doing what you love or the work environment itself is the toxic one. If you aren’t sure of the reason, here are 5 signs that your work environment is a toxic one and it’s making you feel awful.

1. Everyone has a bad attitude

They never smile or joke around. They all look like they want to leave. There’s no enthusiasm whatsoever. The workplace is usually sad, quiet and cold. Everyone is unmotivated and just do everything routinely.

2. Poor communication

Information given is always scanty and confusing and when you ask for clarity, it gets worse. It seems that different employees get different messages and the bosses never listen. Nobody really gives you feedback about your work and sometimes, the credit that should have gone to you goes to someone else; usually your immediate boss.

3. Toxic boss

They never listen; they want everything they say to be final. They like showing their power and love to show that they’re in charge but they never help out when the employees are struggling with work. They never give credit for a job well done. They still expect you at work even when you’re on your deathbed and do not have any sense of empathy.

4. There’s no growth

If you’ve been there for months and even years and there are no growth opportunities such as promotions, raises, and challenging assignments, that’s a toxic workplace especially if you’ve reported the situation to the HR and nothing is done about it.

5. High Turnover

A high workforce turnover is when a large number of employees leave your company in a set amount of time. If your work environment has nothing good to offer except dysfunction, poor morale, and sickness, people will start heading for the door to find a better situation.


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